About BlueBean RFID

BlueBean is a consulting and systems integration company that focuses exclusively on RFID solutions. Although RFID is not a simple technology, our goal is to make your RFID deployment as simple and easy as possible.

We offer RFID solutions that address common situations ranging from RFID compliance mandates utilizing passive RFID technology to real time mobile asset tracking utilizing active RFID technology. In addition to our bundled RFID solutions, we also have the experience and knowledge to successfully address unique requirements.

Our multi-vendor approach allows us to focus on providing the best solutions for each project instead of force-fitting a specific manufacturer’s solution. Our focus on the individual industries allows us to provide higher quality and more focused solutions.

All of our engineers are RFID certified from the top RFID manufacturers and have over 7 years of experience in designing, implementing and supporting RFID technology.

BlueBean was created when the RFID division of MagTech Systems was spun off to focus exclusively on the RFID market. MagTech Systems is a professional services company that focuses on process improvement solutions and has over 15 years of experience.

BlueBean is the best choice for your RFID needs due to our:
  • extensive experience with RFID technology
  • background in business process improvement
  • certifications from the top RFID manufacturers
  • Blue Bean is an RFID consulting and systems integration company that focuses exclusively on RFID solutions, RFID compliance mandates, and simplifying the implementation of RFID technology.

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